Cine Magnifico 2014

Film List

Take some time to browse through the list of short and full length films featured in the 2014 ¡Cine Magnífico! Film Festival.

  • Anina

    Anina Family Matinee

    Uruguay, 2013, 78 Minutes, Animation / Comedy

    Ten-year-old Anina Yatay Salas does not like her name; each part is a palindrome, which means it reads the same way forwards and backwards.

  • Bad Hair / Pelo malo

    Bad Hair / Pelo malo

    Venezuela, 2013, 93 Minutes, Drama

    Junior is nine years old and has stubbornly curly hair, or "BAD HAIR". He wants to have it straightened for his yearbook picture, like a fashionable pop singer with long, ironed hair.

  • Enter the Dojo

    Enter the Dojo

    New Mexico Short Films

  • I'd Like That

    I'd Like That

    4:16, New Mexico Short Films

  • Leg Room

    Leg Room

    2014, 7:11, New Mexico Short Films

    A traveling brigade of clowns breaks down on the way to their show. Will they be able to find a new ride and make it to the Clown Show on time?

  • My Straight Son / Azul y no tan rosa

    My Straight Son / Azul y no tan rosa Showcase Film

    Venezuela, 2012, 114 Minutes, Drama / LGBT

    This is the story of Diego, a young and successful photographer that lives in the glamorous world of fashion, shallowness and excess.

  • School Days / Días de clase

    School Days / Días de clase

    Nicaragua, 2013, 53 Minutes, Documentary

    During the 2012 school year, Camila Film’s team set up his camera on a rural multigrade school at the foot of the volcano “Cerro Negro” in Nicaragua.

  • Sorry No Sympathy - Ignite

    Sorry No Sympathy - Ignite

    3:46, New Mexico Short Films

  • Spanish Affair / Ocho apellidos vascos

    Spanish Affair / Ocho apellidos vascos Opening Night Film

    Spain, 2014, 98 Minutes, Comedy

    Rafa has never left his native Seville, Andalusia, until he meets a Basque woman named Amaia who resists his seduction techniques. Against his friends' advice, he follows her to a small separatist town in the Basque Country, after she stays the night in his house and forgets her purse.

  • Steampunk Showdown

    Steampunk Showdown

    3 Minutes, New Mexico Short Films

  • The Golden Dream / La jaula del oro

    The Golden Dream / La jaula del oro Showcase Film

    Mexico | Spain, 2013, 108 Minutes, Drama

    This film tells the story of three teenagers who leave their village in Guatemala to travel north through Mexico, crossing the border to the United States.

  • The Joneses

    The Joneses

    2014, 6:07, New Mexico Short Films

    The Joneses are the perfect couple, and they will stop at nothing it remains that way.

  • The Lock Charmer / El cerrajero

    The Lock Charmer / El cerrajero Showcase Film

    Argentina, 2013, 77 Minutes, Drama

    Sebastián is a 33-year-old locksmith who has never really believed in long term commitments. Not even with Mónica, his most steady relationship which has only lasted five months. When she reveals she is pregnant and that he is the likely father,

  • The Princess and the Musician

    The Princess and the Musician

    2013, 14:50, New Mexico Short Films

    Two strangers meet at their hotel bar, and connect as they explain to each other how different their lives are now in their 30's from where they wished they were when they were kids

  • The Proxy

    The Proxy

    2010, 7:46, New Mexico Short Films

    In the near future, where it seems everything can be duplicated, one couple finds out some things cannot be replaced.

  • Troublemakers


    7:43, New Mexico Short Films

  • We are the Nobles / Nosotros los Nobles

    We are the Nobles / Nosotros los Nobles Closing Night Film

    Mexico, 2013, 108 Minutes, Comedy

    When Germán Noble, a manipulative rich entrepreneur, realizes that his children are lazy and are throwing their lives away, he decides to teach them a lesson by staging a financial scandal.

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