Cine Magnifico 2015
Cine Magnifico 2015

Film List

Take some time to browse through the list of short and full length films featured in the 2015 ¡Cine Magnífico! Film Festival.

  • 3 Bellezas / 3 Beauties

    3 Bellezas / 3 Beauties

    Venezuela, 2014, 97 Minutes, Comedy/Thriller

    Perla, a Venezuelan mother, is a former beauty queen obsessed with having her daughter become a beauty queen also.

  • A Escondidas / Hidden Away

    A Escondidas / Hidden Away

    Spain, 2015, 96 Minutes, LGBTQ

    Two young men begin to become aware of their sexuality at an age and a time when all around them is changing at a dizzying speed, taking them away from what, up until now, has been their world.

  • Abrazos / Hugs

    Abrazos / Hugs

    Guatemala | United States, 2014, 44 Minutes, Documentary

    In the summer of 2013, 14 US citizen children (sons and daughters of undocumented immigrants), travel from Minnesota to Guatemala to meet their family for the first time.

  • American DREAMers

    American DREAMers Free

    United States, 128 Minutes, Documentary

    "American DREAMers" tells the story behind the Campaign for an American DREAM (CAD), a group of six undocumented youth and an ally who risk their freedom when they publicly come out as undocumented and walk 3,000 miles to the nation's capital to organize for immigrant rights.

  • Amor de Mis Amores

    Amor de Mis Amores

    Mexico, 2014, 95 Minutes, Comedy

    While Carlos travels to Madrid in search of his best friend Javier to invite him to his wedding, his fiancée Lucia accidentally runs into León, and the encounter turns into "love at first sight."

  • Ciencias Naturales / Natural Sciences

    Ciencias Naturales / Natural Sciences

    Argentina | France, 2014, 70 Minutes, Drama

    In a rural school in the midst of the mountains, a girl who is beginning to become a woman feels a deep need to discover her true identity.

  • Ciudad Delirio

    Ciudad Delirio Showcase Film

    Colombia | Spain, 2015, 99 Minutes, Comedy/Romance

    Javier, a shy Spanish doctor on a business trip, meets Angie, a beautiful Colombian dancer and the owner of a salsa school.

  • Climas

    Climas Showcase Film (US Premiere)

    Peru, 2015, 84 Minutes, Drama

    Three women of vastly differing ages and origins cope with life in three distinct regions of Peru.

  • Conducta/Behavior

    Conducta/Behavior Opening Night Film

    Cuba, 2014, 108 Minutes, Drama

    Chala is eleven years old and lives alone with his drug addict mother.

  • De Pez en Cuando / Once Upon a Fish

    De Pez en Cuando / Once Upon a Fish Closing Night Film

    Dominican Republic, 2014, 80 Minutes, Comedy

    When a frustrated writer's suicide attempt is unknowingly interrupted by a neighbor who needs a favor, his life is thrown in disarray.

  • Getulio


    Brazil, 2014, 101 Minutes, Drama / History

    This political thriller chronicles the last days of Brazil's controversial president Getúlio Vargas, who killed himself in August 1954.

  • Guatemala, el Espíritu de la Memoria

    Guatemala, el Espíritu de la Memoria Free

    Guatemala | Spain, 2014, 65 Minutes, Documentary

    Guatemala, the Spirit of Memory is a story about justice, memory, and truth in Guatemala.

  • Guten Tag, (Buen Día) Ramón

    Guten Tag, (Buen Día) Ramón

    2014, 120 Minutes, Drama

    Ramon sets out on a journey to find his friend's aunt in Germany with just a backpack and his two feet.

  • In the Clouds / En las nubes

    In the Clouds / En las nubes

    Argentina, 2014, 21 Minutes, Comedy, Short Film Program: Latin America meets New Mexico

    EN LAS NUBES is an exploration of cultural disagreements about intimacy, love, and marriage proposals in the age of YouTube.

  • La Fórmula del Dr. Funes/Dr. Funes’ Formula

    La Fórmula del Dr. Funes/Dr. Funes’ Formula Screening for Schools (Community Event) - Free

    Mexico, 2015, 94 Minutes, Family/Children

    La Fórmula del Doctor Funes is based off a 1992 book by Francisco Hinojosa about a scientist who discovers a formula to make him young again.

  • La Isla Mínima / Marshland

    La Isla Mínima / Marshland Showcase Film

    Spain, 2014, 105 Minutes, Political Thriller

    In a remote and forgotten town in the deep south of Spain, a series of brutal murders of adolescent girls bring together two ideologically different homicide detectives.

  • Las manos que alimentan / The Hand that Feeds

    Las manos que alimentan / The Hand that Feeds

    United States, 2014, 88 Minutes, Documentary

    Sandwich-maker Mahoma López and his undocumented immigrant coworkers set out to end abusive conditions and low wages at a New York restaurant chain.

  • Llévate Mis Amores

    Llévate Mis Amores

    Mexico, 2014, 90 Minutes, Documentary

    An award-winning documentary telling the stories of the women who live in La Patrona, a Mexican village situated by the tracks on which a train from Central America brings many migrants north to the U.S.

  • Low/Fi


    New Mexico, USA, 2014, 8 Minutes, Drama, Short Film Program: Latin America meets New Mexico

    Pop culture has inspired Lea all her life, but it has also ruined all of her relationships. Now she must see the world without music and film, to find true love.


  • Messi

    Messi Only $5

    Spain, 2015, 93 Minutes, Documentary

    The film dramatizes Lionel Messi's early life, combined with documentary footage and interviews with some of the most famous men in recent soccer history.

  • Mr. Kaplan

    Mr. Kaplan Showcase Film

    Germany | Spain | Uruguay, 2014, 98 Minutes, Comedy

    Jacob Kaplan built a quiet life with his wife of 50 years after fleeing Nazi Europe for Uruguay during World War II.

  • Times Like These

    Times Like These

    United States, 2014, Drama, Short Film Program: Latin America meets New Mexico

    “Times Like These” is a film inspired by a true story; written and directed by Lorena Gordon.

  • Trans Ecuador

    Trans Ecuador

    Ecuador, 2015, 10 Minutes, Action-Drama, Short Film Program: Latin America meets New Mexico

    Una de las unidades de Trans Ecuador S.A se encuentra a las afueras de la ciudad en medio de un gran problema, donde nada es lo que parece.

  • Worst Corner Man Ever

    Worst Corner Man Ever

    United States, 2015, 4 Minutes, Comedy, Short Film Program: Latin America meets New Mexico

    The only worse thing than the fighter is his corner man.