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The art of being out of place

Written by Santi Carrasco
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Picture the scene: a short, empathetic Mexican woman dedicated to the art of massage has abruptly and unexpectedly entered into this superficial dynamics of extremely wealthy people gathering with a glass of exquisite cocktails. She remains unseen because she, herself, is not able to fit into this social ambiance in which she rarely believes and yet moves around to somehow make her point within such an elitist view of life. Her name is Beatriz and she is totally out of place. 

Salma Hayek claims this role along with her astonishing performance as the Mexican Goddess, Frida Kahlo, to be her favorite performances of all her long career as an actress. Perhaps this has to do with Beatriz´connection to life itself and those who live in it. The actress has said to own a bunch of animals including dogs, cats, goats, birds and gold-fishes. But what is it that makes this role so special for the universal Mexican actress?


Beatriz (Salma Hayek) is about to participate in a revealing dinner with totally different people


It may be her simplicity, which combined with the hypocrisy of Californian elite resounds days after watching the movie. It could very well be her strong connection and empathy with the surroundings. The audience is able to feel her aching heart for human abusive behavior when it comes to his attitude towards the Earth, animals and other human beings. Perhaps what makes this specific role special is how unexpected the story turns out by the end of it, leaving each and everyone perplexed after witnessing what more than one would enjoy doing... Don´t worry, I am not going to make any spoiler. 

I may be the reflective type rather than the fireworks lover. Perhaps this movie, which my friends claim to be weird-ish, heads towards an attempt of providing a Woody Allen or French-like gathering around a table, good wine and profound conversation about what life looks like and what´s our place in it. However, Beatriz at dinner seems to go beyond. It´s not just an inner (I am guilty) pleasure observing an apparently defenseless woman trying to defeat individuals oblivious to nowadays reality but also quite enjoyable to do so through a powerful woman that transcends her character. 

It seems to me that class clashing is among the most interesting things in this social-political turmoil that cinema can provide. It must not be easy to take part in a diametrically opposed ambiance where your ideas are shuttered by people you don´t necessarily agree with, but at least Beatriz can say aloud she sticks to her principles and keeps being coherent with them. She deliberately tries to make her points over and over again unsuccessfully, embarrassing the guests continuously. The thing is that being out of place is a complete art.                                                    


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