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Ciudadano Ilustre [The Distinguished Citizen]

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Argentine ex-pat Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martínez) lives in Spain and doesn’t look back on his small hometown across the ocean. Unless he is writing.  When Daniel wins the Nobel Prize for literature, the prize brings all sorts of offers and publicity requests to his new abode in Spain, and he declines them all in a unilateral dismissal of the spotlight. However, a humble invitation from his small hometown of Salas, Argentina puts him on a trip home.

Daniel, as is the case with most writers, draws from his experiences. His life in Salas populates his literature and some of the townspeople remain bitter over the fact that he used lives for fiction and often in unflattering or critical terms.

The film, which is Argentina’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film in this year’s Oscar race, puts directors Duprat and Cohn (who already teamed up in “The Artist” and “The Man Next Door”) on the map as one of Argentina’s most comical and darkly accurate critics of the social quirks in Buenos Aires’ and Argentina’s often complicated and long tradition of neurotic comedies.  See you all there for our Oscar-nominee feature film!!  

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