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El revenge

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Fernando Fraiha | Brazil-Argentina | 2016 | Fiction | 100 min | NM Premiere

el revenge

Two friends hit the road to Buenos Aires aboard an orange Opala 72, with a mission: be with as many women as possible. This is all a plan to wash the honor of "Caco", a man who found his girlfriend in bed with an Argentine.

Caco plans on surprising his girlfriend with a marriage proposal one day, but instead catches her in the act of cheating on him – worst of all with an Argentinean. Vadão, Caco’s best friend, drags him on a revenge trip from Brazil to Argentina. While Vadão is in high adventure mode, Caco is focused on getting his ex-girlfriend back. But not everything goes as they expect... It seems life really does happen when you are making other plans.  Beyond many things, this movie teaches us to focus on life and not necessarily the squeaky clean image we all have of our futures.  Sometimes, one needs to "let go" to get back on track.

El revenge (“La Vinganca” original title), is a film by Brazilian director Fernando Fraiha.  Born in Sao Paulo, this is his feature-length directorial debut.  He started working at age 25 editing documentaries and working his creative outlet through experimental drama plays as a video artist. Directing this feature length film is a big move for Fraiha as a creative artist in Brazilian cinema.  Fraiha has also been active as a producer and partner in Bionica Filmes.  He produced the 2014 box office hit “Os Homens Sao de Marte”, as well as “Psi” - an HBO original series.

So, we come into this movie with a successful producer with a ton of very off-the-beaten-path, experimental history as a video artist and as a writer.  And he is making his debut as a director. Ingredients for an very interesting film.  His previous successes have been with comedies that reveal hilarious yet dark social truths about society and relationships using narrative as a tool for social critique.  The storyline to this film, conceived and written by Jiddu Pinheiro, seems fitting for Fraiha’s interests as a filmmaker. Jiddu Pinheiro is known as an actor for his role in 2011’s O Muro, a story about a divorcee moving into a new home where she notices ongoing fights between a mother and her child.  This history outlines another interest of Fraiha’s, which is less comedic and gets to the those darker, underlying layers about interpersonal relationships and deep emotions. It will be great to see this duo - one known as an actor and the other as a producer - make important debuts as writer and director respectively. See you all there for this hilarious, yet deep, Brazilian comedy!     

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