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Que dios nos perdone

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Rodrigo Sorogoyen | Spain | 2016 | Fiction | 125 min | NM Premiere

Que dios nos perdone May God Forgive Us

Que dios nos perdone is a contemporary masterpiece taking on an old cinematic trope: the pair of detectives.  Alfaro and Velarde are tracking down another common archetype-villain for detective hunts: the possible serial killer.  Mysterious and nubulous from the beginning, Velarde and Alfaro use the best of their knowledge and logic to erase and rub away as much of that mystery as they possibly can.  Then, another common subject is explored in depth: when detetctives hunt criminals, they have to a think like a criminal.  Much like method actors who have to actually act like their character on and off set, detetcives have to a practive a similar artform of thinking in someone else's shoes... until you get so good at it it's hard to tell the difference between yourself and who you are hunting.  When they finally have strong leads, we as viwers come to understand the detectives (and ourselves) in an entirely new way.  Action, Philosophy, Suspense, Pyschology all mixed into one well-composed visual opera.  Sorogoyen is a cinema alchemist and makes a refreshing, contemporary take on a well-trodden trope of film narrative.  

Let’s take a look at the awards this film won.  Goya Awards: 6 Nominations including Best Film, Director and Actor; San Sebastian Film Festival: Best Screenplay; Feroz Awards: Best Actor (Roberto Álamo); Platino Awards: Nominated for Best Editing.  This film was recognized for nearly every core aspect of production.  It is clear that this project is not only about a director or an actor.  This was the work of a close-knit team with spectacular creative talent. The editor, Alberto del Campo, is known for his previous work on the taught dramas “Stockholm” and “Madre”.  Both films have a similarly clean, streamlined, crisp and sharp texture. 

This feature film will make del Campo’s editing shine through crisp storytelling and sharp transitions.  Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen was born in Madrid and is the grandson of director Antonio del Amo).  See you all there for this taut drama-thriller featuring a classic hunt for a killer, and the profoundly amazing truths such a hunt reveals about our own psyches, and those of the detectives themselves.

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