New Mexico Short Films Program

New Mexico Short Films Program


Friday, September 15th, 2017


7:00 PM

Join us for a night of amazing work from talented New Mexican FilmMakers!

Shadows of Waste by Holly Adams

Shadows of Waste: An existential walk through time as a man waits on a woman who never shows up. This sends him on a trip down memory lane recalling the many times he has waited only to have been disappointed over and over again.

Neighborhood Therapist by Phillip Torres

Phillip Torres, founder of modern creative agency Concept Flux, made this endearing film with his family as part of the 48 hour film project. Yes, they produced it in 48 hours...and 15 minutes to be exact.

No Price Tags - Music Video for Wake Self by Phillip Torres

No Price Tags is an expertly composed original music video filled with vivid rhythmic visuals. It was also one of the first music videos filmed at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is Hip-Hop artist Wake Self’s latest video, devised by the imaginative and innovative mind of Phillip Torres, founder of modern creative agency, Concept Flux.

“Shogun” - “Crushed!?” Music Video by Royce Leii

"Shogun" is the first song on "Giant Robots and Existentialism" an EP by Albuquerque punk/post hardcore band Crushed!? which is inspired by the band members' expression of rage after they were victims of a stick up resulting in injuries.

Spared by Kody Dayish

A story about two Navajo families that are connected through problems that life gives them. Directed by Award winning Navajo filmmaker Kody DAYISH

Leslie by Alejandro Montoya

(20 minutes) A singer/songwriter must decide if she should continue to follow her dream, when everything around her tells her otherwise.

The Threesome by Alejandro Montoya

(6 minutes) a newly wed couple try to convince their best friend to have a threesome with them, so they can begin a happily married life.

I know a place by Ariana Eve Spencer

When her loving boyfriend goes missing, and skeptical police won't help her, Liz and her best friend Kim take matters into their own hands.

7 camas/7 beds (Spain) by Pedro Moreno del Oso

Eduardo is about to commit a new infidelity…

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